Black screen with ssd m2 nvme but no problem with hdd

i just want to use linux but i have a problem which is that when i use ssd nvme m2, on boot, my screen went black with NO cursor and system works like normal in background. To see the desktop, i need to plug out the cable of my monitor. but with hdd, eveything is like super normal.

also when i use hdmi port, i have no black screen with 120 hz(my monitor is 144hz) either but when i use displayport, i have again black screen.

and i have this problem all of linux distros… i just want to use linux…

monitor: asus vg258q

gpu: rtx 2060

thanks for everything…

Hey :wave:

a bit delayed… but better now than never…


Did you run the Manjaro Install Disk with unfree? That will load the driver from nvidia and not the community driver, which is bad if it comes to very knew gpus and especially nvidia.