Black screen when entering manjaro

I use nvidia-driver. I have install the hyprland-nvidia which is not official version may cause this issue. But This issue come out after somewhile after the installation of the hyprland not show out immediately.
I am not open manjaro for about a month. Today this issue come out.
And my pc is dual system(win and manjaro)

I already tried steps on this post
This post read too.

Here is my log file for
mhwd -l && mhwd -li && mhwd-kernel -li

journalctl -b-1 -p4 --no-pager

I would start by fixing this one as it appear to be a showstopper

Jan 17 18:33:11 ori systemd-xdg-autostart-generator[900]: /home/lizhe/.config/autostart/mathpix-snipping-tool.desktop: not generating unit, error parsing Exec= line: Is a directory
Jan 17 18:33:11 ori systemd[894]: espanso.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

Maybe not related, but

Linux 6.5 is EOL

You need to replace it.