Black screen upon login

Upon logging into KDE I’m presented with a completely black screen. Plasma X11 is the only option from login. My system is an Acer running a GTX 960M. Have been having problems with black screens running up to this but at least the menu and panel was there previously.

I did create a back up too but just my luck its not working either. Suspect faulty USB.

Kind of stuck. Any help would be much appreciated.

so is there a black screen without anything? no cursor, no panel, icons?

Only a conky, nothing else whatsoever. I suspect this is a graphics issues but I have no idea what the specifics are. I should point out too I run the legacy KDE menu not the new one (I don’t like it). Could that have been overwritten/conflict somehow with an update?

so you can boot normally … try running these commands:
rm -rf ~/.cache/*
rm ~/.config/Trolltech.conf
kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental
then reboot

It sort of worked. My system is back but all my documents are gone…its looks like a fresh install…

no, i thought you can normally boot… so try entering TTY with ctrl+alt+f2 if f2 doesnt work, try f1-f6 keys instead and then run those commands, then reboot with:
systemctl reboot

so did it worked? … and what do you mean your documents are gone?

Everything is gone…all documents, all downloads…

what do you mean they are gone? you mean from the desktop?

Search using dolphin…all gone…wiped…

these command clear your cache and rebuild your plasma desktop … they have no effect on your files… so thats very interesting… and where were your docs located?

Documents and downloads mainly but the entire directory structure I created is gone. Oddly the secondary drive I back things up to is intact but it does not contain my documents directory which is most important to me.

thats very unfortunate, but these commands have no effect on your docs… and why would they only delete your docs - which they didnt - and no other files… so your docs were also deleted from the second drive?

No everything is gone…its like a fresh install…I’m at a loss here…

so you telling me that it deleted your all documents/files? …

Yes on the main drive which makes sense as its the drive with Manjaro on it…

what kind of command did you run? because thats not possible with those commands above…

edit: run this command:
history | tail -n 20
and post the output here

I’ve had to type it out. I’m working from a different laptop. Here it is. For some reason its altered the formatting.

rm -rf ~/ .cache/* rm~/ .config/Trolltech.config rm ~/.config/Trolltech.conf
kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental`
history | tail -n 20

run this command in that computer that your files were deleted:
history | tail -n 20
and post the output here… it will show the last 20 typed commands… i suspect you run some wrong command, since everyhing got wiped out…

Still just as my previous post…no other commands…