Black screen trying to access UEFI options after installing Manjaro

Hello everybody, I recently installed Xfce v. 20.1 on Acer Spin 513 laptop in dual boot with Windows 10.
The first minor issue I experienced was that after booting, it stopped at grub prompt.
So I had to enter exit command to have access to UEFI boot options and select the desired OS.
But while trying to bypass the problem, I found a bigger issue: I am no longer able to access UEFI settings, neither with F2 key at boot nor using the recovery options offered by Windows, the pc freezes with black screen.
The only UEFI function still available is the boot selection option using F12 key.
I used the procedure to recover the Windows bootloader in order to avoid the useless grub prompt at boot, but UEFI settings are still unavailable.
Any idea about how to fix it apart reinstalling everything?

The UEFI settings menu is independent of your OS (or OSes). So Linux (or Windows) shouldn’t affect there. Maybe is a faulty UEFI and I’m wrong, but UEFI is in hardware.

If you are unable to access your UEFI maybe you have to reset firmware settings (CMOS reset)


I am guessing that the OP has Secure Boot on in the UEFI settings. :man_shrugging:

I can understand that it’s going to block linux boot, but does that disable the access to UEFI Settings?

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I don’t know… I’ve seen reports of it doing strange things in some setups. :man_shrugging:

Secure boot was not enabled, indeed I am able to boot with Linux too.
Probably is like Cfinnberg says, failed access to UEFI setting has nothing to see with sw operations.
I wrote to Acer support, will let you know.