Black screen on boot raspberry 400

HI, using raspberry 400, when I used to get black screen caused by graphic freeze I type ‘atl petsis reisub’ and reboot, Sometimes got black screen I used to check via ‘alt f2’ ‘alt f3’ with and without ‘ctrl’ and show console, repair sectors, and everything good, system boot fine. Last ‘reisub’ does not allow me to use ‘alt f2’ ‘alt f3’, stand in black screen. I can boot system after wait a little more than 10 seconds and typing ‘alt petsis rei’
I really don’t know what to do to fix/repair this behavior
Thank you in advance

It’s hard to troubleshoot when we have no idea why the freeze happens or exactly what is freezing.

Basically emulators, via native, via box64, via fexemu. The fact is does not boot normally and don’t allow to start console, just start os via ‘alt petsis rei’ after 10+ seconds :frowning:

I can’t replicate the non-booting part on my end. :frowning: It boots fine for me.

I really dont know how to show you the log boot, in screen just 1 second and disapear, also blur when i take pic , because i use a tv