Black screen on boot - only in single user mode runlevel I have a desktop available - no tty fallback on normal boot

After an update I can no longer get into Manjaro, the boot screen loads, after I select “Manjaro Linux” (which is strange because I have a 2 seconds hidden countdown normally) but nothing happens but a dead, blank screen. Nothing has worked so far. Capslock/Numlock leds are working as well as soft reboot (ctrl-alt-de) from here.

Atm I booted into single user mode and entered the root password and after exit I was in a desktop session! But neither runlevel 3 nor 5 nor non-silent (removbed quite) works from the boot menu.

Hi @Christling,

I think this will work here:

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Thank you for your reply. But my kernel is loading. How can I check that it is really this error (“impatient n00b update”).

See if plymouth update may cause black screens applies to you.

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