Black screen, kconfigwidgets-git issues, KDE?

Hello everyone,

I am having some major issues right now. For some time when I ran yay, two packages were not updated properly, the output said manual intervention was required. During build for kconfigwidgets-git the error “could not resolve all dependencies” occured. I figured the missing dependency was the other package kcolorscheme-git. After trying to install this packagw using yay, the following error occurs:"… Undefined reference to ‘initKConfigGroupGui()’
Collect2: error: Id returned 1 exit status.

This problem persisted for some time now, but overall the machine was still running. However this time upon trying to delete the yay and pacman cache, I got a black screen when rebooting, with the "oops something went wrong… " message. I can still get into tty, but can still not resolve the issue. On some posts about black screens people said it might have to do with a GUI failure and since these kconfig packages seem to belong to KDE I thought this might be the problem. Hope this is understandable enough, i would love to copy error messages instead of typing them from my phone. I could also attach photos of the screen, but I figured that might be even worse. Thanks for your help.

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Well, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you’ve been playing with fire and now you got yourself burned. You are using -git packages from the AUR as a substitute for the official packages from the Manjaro repository. :frowning_man:

If you can get to a tty, then I would advise removing those AUR packages and replacing them with the ones from the repo. Likewise if you’ve replaced even more of Plasma with -git stuff from the AUR.

You may also have to engage in some housecleaning inside your ${HOME}/.config and ${HOME}/.local as well, but we’ll get to that after you’ve first done the above and rebooted. With a little luck, that should already solve the problem.


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