Black screen, I need help for this

Help, when i logged in to my manjaro user it showed only a black screen with the default cursor, even if i changed the cursor, no shortcut works, i have a lenovo legion 5 with ryzen 7, nvidia geforce rtx and amd radeon graphics.

Can you post some more system information ?
inxi -Fza

what informations?

On console
inxi -Fza
and post the output here.

no console appears

Ctrl+Alt+F2, login and show inxi -Fza output. You can also show us journalctl -b -p 0..3

it asks me the password and when i introduce my login password it says that is incorrect

You need to use the root password and not the one for “normal” login.


but i forgot it

now i remember it

too much informations, what information do i give?

Give all informations

it worked to login as root, but my user doesen’t work, and creating a new user doesen’t work too

Why to the hell you do it, you don’t need create new user or something, you need only provide output of inxi -Fza and journalctl -b -p 0..3 commands.

i cant write that much

Or make a screen shot.

ok i will make screenshot

The deleted post was only a wrong photo

Can you update the system via console (TTY2 - CTRL+ALT+F2) ?

pacman -Syyu


mhwd -l (post the ouput here)