Black screen after video card swap?

Hi all, first let me say I’m a huge newb to linux; I switched from windows about 4 months ago.

I want to donate a 3 year old Nvidia card to a friend who is less fortunate. But I needed to test the card to make sure it still worked, because I thought I remembered that it was dead. But I could not be sure, so I must test the card. So I used Manjaro’s driver installer that appears at the top of “System Settings”. Then I removed my AMD card and installed the Nvidia card that was going to be donated.

But something has gone wrong. I can boot into grub, but if I try to finish loading up Manjaro, I get stuck on a black screen that says only “/dev/sda2: clean, 835589/30507008 flies, 25728996/122018696 blocks”. This message will flicker a few times. Then it stays stuck there. So I reinstalled the AMD card, and got the same effect. Now I can’t even use my daily driver OS.

Please tell me if I have the repair process correct: I need to identify which driver it’s attempting to use, uninstall that driver, and install the correct driver for the old AMD card. Then, I need to verify that it’s actually using the correct driver. Once I have verified that, I only need to reboot. And then Manjaro to start normally. Do I have the process correct?

Thank you

just undo what you did… uninstall nvidia drivers, install back video-linux, if you uninstalled it, and thats it… if you are not sure, enter into tty in the stuck screen: ctrl+alt+f2 or f1-f6, enter your username and password and post output from:
mhwd -l -li
since you a new user on forum, you cant post pictures, so upload it somewhere and post the link here… you also cant post links so use this:


if you want to test the card, turn off your pc, replace the card and just boot into manjaro usb, its much better that way, since you dont have to actually install/uninstall anything in your system…

If the NVIDIA driver is removed, then also remove its configuration file.

ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/

Nvidia driver and amd driver can co-exist. Only the Nvidia configuration matters here. Is it there, then it will force configure the Nvidia card, if it not there, then it will use an open source driver.