Black screen after suspend


I ran into a problem: after 2 hours of inactivity, the laptop screen turns off (or goes into sleep mode, or only the monitor turns off — I can not understand), does not respond to keystrokes. There is a completely black screen with nothing (no “stick” or console, terminal). But the laptop keyboard (power-button and num lock) are highlighted.

This happens with a period of 2-3 days. Sometimes the laptop goes into sleep mode and everything is fine, sometimes - trouble. I also have the second OS, if this is important, - Windows 10.

System Info: i.imgur. com/xrlOBWr.png
Sorry, I can’t copypaste it from console: “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”


if you cant copy&paste then do this:

sudo inxi -Fxxxa --no-host > ~/inxi.txt

That will save the output in your home folder.

About your problem: Did you check you energy settings? Maybe there is set a option to hibernate after 2 hours?

Maybe you could provide a full journal to look up?

journal -b -0 > ~/current_boot_journal.txt
journal -b -1 > ~/last_boot_journal.txt

Better using for that long texts.

Thank you :wink:

Which desktop environment are you using? I had this issue with KDE at one time.

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Maybe there is set a option to hibernate after 2 hours?

Yes, there is! Turned it off, thanks.

By the way I meant suspend by ‘sleep mode’, not hibernation. Sorry for my english.

And here is the journalctls:

  1. Current: pastebin .com/4XZddJc6
  2. Last: ontrolc .com/e2728e61



Is this problem now solved for you? Any problems with standby or hibernation?

Idk if it won’t happen again after hibernation / suspend.

So if you didn’t find nothing interesting in journalctl, I’ll close the topic. Let me know.

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