Black screen - After Problem With Bios

Long story short, I wanted to change distro and I found that I cannot access bios. After digging the whole google and manjaro forum and tryed all sorts of commands I ended with a black screen, before that I was able to boot into my pc but not into bios or boot manager. My pc seems to run just fine, i can hear the beep when it starts. I’ve checked all cords, tryed to reset the bios by pulling out the bios battery, but without any success on solving the problem. Any other solutions?

Since unfortunately no mainboard model was mentioned …
Does it have a jumper for a factory reset of the BIOS?

I have an asus tuf gaming b450m plus, searched about the motherboard reset I’ve touched the 2 pins with a knife, but nothing happens.

The standart way is press del or F2.

A translation of the operating instructions as an alternative way:

Press + + at the same time.
Press the reset button on the housing.
To turn off the system, press the power button, and then turn it on again. Only do this if you did not succeed in booting the BIOS with the first two options.

Finnaly! I don’t know if was woked because I did how you told me to press ++ then restart button then shutdown or because i’ve unplugged all my monitors then connected them back and i got an output on my hdmi monitor(did those before seeing your reply), and I was able to boot & access bios

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