Black screen after latest update

Hi all, I updated today using the software center and after a reboot, I got stuck in my boot process. I get the following messages:
[7.15…] some hardware errrors I always get, but this is not new
/dev/nvme … clean …

I always get the above, but then my SDDM starts and I login. however, now it is stuck on this screen and I don’t know where to look for answers. I checked my startx log and there it says it there was a problem with my graphics card. I reinstalled the drivers but nothing. SDDM is running normally as well.

so can you log in normally into your system or you get stuck in black screen?

I can go to the TTYs yeah, that’s how I updated my driver, but SDDM does not show

so post picture of
mhwd-kernel -li
mhwd -l && mhwd -li

youre running 5.16 kernel, thats why you cant boot… do you know how to enter grub menu at boot, or does it shows automatically?

yeah, getting into grub should be easy

so if you can enter grub menu at boot, select advanced options and boot with the 5.15 kernel, youll boot normally, and when you in your system uninstall the 5.16 kernel from system settings/kernel and thats it

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Alright that was painless, thank you! why doesn’t the 5.16 one work?

this is 100% manjaros fault, the 5.16 is no longer supported and manjaro doesnt inform with some simple warning message before update, that you are using no longer supported kernel, so switch to another one before update… their dumb response to this is, that the users should read announcements on the forum before updating… go figure …

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wow ok, well, I wouldn’t have found that without you! thank you very much! today I learned to go back to an older kernel and check if my current one is still supported XD

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