Black screen after installing blender. Repeated question since I did not find a solution

After installing blender and restarting the PC, the black screen with the mouse. There was a similar question on the forum, but I was unable to resolve the issue. I went through Ctrl-Alt-F2 terminal. Perhaps there is a way to return the system to its initial state as if I had just installed it? blender uninstalled via terminal. I don’t want to reinstall the whole system. Perhaps the problem is that when installing blender I had to choose which version of nvidia I have, but I do not have nvidia at all, only the video card is built into the processor. Help good friends!

Have you tried the flatpak version?

If you can access TTY then:
mhwd -li
will tell you what nvidia driver you installed. An example to remove it, in your case might be different version:
sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia-450xx

Then reboot the system
systemctl reboot
and see if it boots normal.

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