Black KDE plasma global theme?

Any good ones, I want 100% black like safe for OLED. I don’tr know why they don’t just have RGB Leds so the layer is not needed, so no burn pron. worries.

If you’re still on Plasma 5, then there are these (and several others). :point_down:

However, with Plasma 6 just around the corner, I would recommend steering away from global themes for Plasma 5 right now, because once we make the switchover, it’ll be too much work to undo everything, remove the old theme and then install a new one.

That said, if you’re already on Plasma 6 (Manjaro Testing) now, then the above-listed two examples are also available in a Plasma 6 version. :point_down:

6 themes ok on 5?

No, I wouldn’t risk that, because there’s a good chance of breakage there. But the themes I’ve listed above both come in a Plasma 5 variant and a Plasma 6 variant. The first two links are for the Plasma 5 variants, and the last two are for the Plasma 6 variants.

So there is… :point_down:

  1. Andromeda for Plasma 5
  2. Noir Dark for Plasma 5
  3. Andromeda for Plasma 6
  4. Noir Dark for Plasma 6
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