Black Desktop Background after package update - i3wm

I just installed Manjaro with i3wm; it was working fine, however after running a package update through pamac and rebooting, two bugs are happening:

First, the background has gone completely black, though everything else with i3 seems to be working fine and it seems to be reading my i3 config file fine (the config file had minimal changes anyway). I was just using the default background, and hadn’t run Nitrogen before. I found other posts that were having similar issues on other desktop environments; however these seemed to be caused by either misconfiguration of Nitrogen or issues with a GPU, which I don’t have.

The second issue I’m having is a known bug with rxvt that decided to show up: 32 blank lines in terminal upon startup, task 77062 on the archlinux bug tracker. One fix is to downgrade to an earlier version or rxvt, however since I’m on the stable branch downgrading for ALA is disabled. I’d appreciate it if someone could also explain how to override this or explain to me a workaround.

Thank you.

System info:
Manjaro 6.1.44
i3 version 4.22
x11 version 21.1.8
Intel 4 Series Integrated Graphics

What happens if you run your nitrogen command manually?

And what is your nitrogen command?

It works fine - seems the issue is just that Nitrogen and Conky aren’t autostarting for some reason. I just assumed I had done something terribly wring cause that’s how that usually goes. Not exactly sure the proper way to do that, looking around it seems like I have to add something to .xinitrc but I might be wrong.

As for the terminal bug, there’s some workaround given in the Arch forums I might try at some point.