Black and white icons

Are compact view icons supposed to look like that?
If I increase size to 32 pixels, they are all colored, but at 22 pixels it’s only those folders that have image files inside. It’s the same with all icon themes (defaults, have no new installed) and I wonder if I might have uninstalled something needed, something was changed or my memory is wrong?
Youtube also now has menu buttons black and white, during the first days it would sometimes revert back to colored ones, but not anymore. Might it be a Youtube thing?

Yes if you have enabled previews.

That’s YT things, not related to Manjaro. Maybe they experiments with layout or something. Who knows. :man_shrugging:

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I disabled folder preview and now they’re all black and white, so they really are like that when small?

Not always, it’s dependent on your icon theme.

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Ok, thanks!

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