Bitnami Wordpress in Manjaro...How?

I am trying to install Bitnami Wordpress for Linux’s. In the past, I used it successfully in Ubuntu and other distros that support .deb packages.
I am sad to see that in the repositories and the official webpage of Bitnami there isn’t an official support for Arch systems. I would like to know if there’s a workaround about that or am I doing something wrong?
I would be grateful if someone could help me install this on my system.
Thank you everyone,

As you have discovered, we do not carry that package in the official repositories, and it also doesn’t appear to be available from the AUR. There are however several other wordpress implementations available, and especially so from the AUR. You could look around and see whether there’s one to your liking?

Install WordPress, Download WordPress |

Bitnami plans on discontinuing the support for the majority of Native Installers for Linux by June 30th 2021. Please read this blog post for more information.

No .deb file available now; only a .run file

I would like to know if there’s a workaround

wordpress 6.0.2-1 is available from Manjaro community repository:

pamac install wordpress

I actually wanted to develop my website on localhost.
Luckily, bitnami publishes ready virtual machines (debian) that include wordpress.
You just download the .ova file and you open it with virtual box. You see a terminal and a URL that you can access your local installation.
Everything works smoothly except that this install, has the tendency to update the url from time to time.
A nice workaround for that is the “Go Live Update Urls” plugin where you can add your previous URL “” and the new one that was changed by Bitnami.
A single click solution -all internal links are working as expected.
Thank you for your help!