BIOS update for G400s touch

I have a Lenovo G400s touch that requires a bios update. The official site only has an exe for it. Is there any way to do it without windows?

Your could use


Hi @KronosBlaster24, and welcome!

I can quickly think of 2 options, neither of which I have any experience with, so don’t know if they’ll be successful or not.

  1. Run the .exe with WINE.
  2. Use a Live ISO, perhaps like SystemRescue or Hiren’s BootCD to boot into s windows operating system and run the .exe from there.

That said, personally, I don’t know if there’s any benefit to BIOS upgrades if you’re not having problems or you’re not looking for a specific feature.

Thanks @Wollie for reminding me of Hiren’s…

I created a winpe image with mkwinpeimg and added my bios with --overlay=Dir, flashed the image to a USB stick and invoked the bios. Worked 1a.

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No don’t do that for a BIOS update. Using a real Windows is the proper way like the boot CD you suggested.