BIOS Setting that would change PC preformance

Hello everyone, when I first installed Manjaro I had some trouble with low framerates and choppy scrolling while in fullscreen. It took a few days of trial and error to get it running smooth, and I honestly don’t even remember what I did to get it sped up. I recently lost power at my home and noticed that my bios had been reset. I boot up and now things are really choppy again, and my games get low framerate in fullscreen (windowed works much better).

It started after the bios reset so my guess is its something there, but again I’ve been doing the trial and error thing with no luck this time. Any obvious setting that would stick out?

Motherboard is a Gigabyte 970A-D3
14gb RAM


Set the SATA to use the SATA3 protocol instead of 2
You probably also tweaked the AMD OverDrive … :man_shrugging:

Usually the bios settings are taken in order, one by one, and best performances should be obvious. Only someone with the same setup could give you exact hints about it.

Maybe your memory frequency?
I remember something I built for someone a while back I needed to create a custom profile on the DIMMs to actually get 3200mhz (or whatever the maximum was)

I see neither option in the bios. The board is probably 7 years old so features are limited.

Possibly but I didn’t see an option to change that, it was greyed out.

Right … look at some yt vids and such … its greyed out on the default profile, but if you use a custom one you can turn it up … or something like that.

(just, you know, make sure to set it correct for your RAMs actual capability)

I looked into your motherboard manual, in the M.I.T. menu, go to DRAM E.O.C.P or Set Mermory Clock or DRAM Configuration menu to configure the RAM I guess.

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One tip from me. When your bios resets after a power loss you should change your bios battery.

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