.bin and .ic27 are being recognized as audio files

I’m having an issues with some, but not all, of my .bin and .ic27 files as showing up like they should be playable mp3s. They are find in my Retroasrch system file and are bois files for some of the cores. How can this be fixed. I have tried deleting and replacing them with same issues.

A .bin file is a generic filetype for binary data that can be used to store audio data
Audio CDs can be ripped to a digital image of .bin +.cue files ( .cue file contains metadata for the audio) similar to an .iso image
I used to record live stream shows to .bin + .cue because it was easier to edit audio and metadata locally before uploading to Mixcloud

Filetype .ic27 was originally used to contain binary MIDI audio data for Roland MT-32 sound module. Filetype was later re-used by game developers for ROMs

You probably have an audio package installed that can support audio playback for these filetypes

I am not familiar with KDE GUI tools but I suspect that if you click File Type Options it will show a list of installed packages associated with this filetype
If you remove any audio packages associated with these files they should be recognised correctly as generic binary containers

Thank you! I did get into file type and removed associated packages in the list, it didn’t help though. This bois files are for Dreamcast, would they have a functional problem if recognized as audio files? When I run Retroarch, load a Dreamcast games it will play it, but if I close it and open other game or the same game one it no longer loads