Biktorgj Pinephone firmware

I want to install the Biktorgj’s firmware but I am afraid of making some mistake.
From what I found online this seems the best explaining way:

sudo pacman -S fastboot adb


  # any other temporary directory name/place will do below
mkdir firmware
tar xvzf package.tar.gz -C firmware
cd firmware
sudo ./flashall

  # took less than 30 seconds: last lines output was: "Finished, if everything went well, run fastboot reboot to restart the modem."
  # Do not reboot the modem before flashing the recommended DSP upgrade though)

  # you only need to flash the newer DSP blob once, not on every future upgrade...
sudo fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.ubi
fastboot reboot

source: Flashing the FOSS modem firmware on the Pinephone | Spaetzblog
(I updated the things that were outdated)
How safe is this tutorial?

That is easy to answer - because if you need to ask - you shouldn’t do it.

Then how can I learn more about it?

I haven’t tried flashing new modem firmware (I really should one of these days), but I have heard from many people that it’s better than the stock firmware.

There is a guide on the firmwares github page, that should be safe to use:

So it would be better for the average user to wait

Wait for what?

If you are flashing modem firmware, you are not an average user. You are an advanced user.

Wait for a tool that makes it easy for the average user, something like gnome-firmware on the desktop for example.

Right. Good point. If you’re scared of bricking your modem then you should not try to flash custom firmware.
Even with any tool, it will be Use at your own risk method.

Waiting is a better option for now.

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