BI Publisher Plugin for Microsoft Word in Manjaro

Team, I am new to this platform. I am thinking to install Manjaro in my system.
But, I have some dependency on MS Office with Oracle BI Publisher Plugin for Microsoft Word in my daily work deliverables. Can this accommodate in Manjaro OS using Word or Excel with BI Publisher Plugin?

If you are relying on it in your business model - mission critial - I’ll recommend staying with Windows.

If your hardware supports it - you can run Windows in a VirtualBox VM using Windows - I do that for software development using Visual Studio. Just note that running Windows in a virtual environment requires a retail license.

But don’t rely on Wine to run mission critical software - even the commercial version of Wine - Crossover has it’s limitations - and Oracle BI is a Windows only software.


Hello @peddinimurali and welcome :wink:

Using Microsoft Office on Linux via wine is almost impossible and crappy.

It seems there traces of a Plugin for OpenOffice/LibreOffice (I can’t find the extension), but since you depend on that plugin, the only way would then running a VM with Windows for this.

Or just stay on Windows… since it seems to be Windows only software and you have to work with it.

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Hi Guru,

Sorry for delay in my acknowledgement.
Thank you for your update and explanation.
Will try the 1st option ‘VM’ else will for Windows if fails 1st one.