Beware of issue with ArchWiki (PC Speaker)

Strictly speaking this is not an issue with the Manjaro wiki, but, as a lot of people rely on the Arch wiki, I decided to report it.

The following article:

suggests the following:

Another way is to uncomment or add this line in /etc/inputrc or ~/.inputrc:

set bell-style none

I tried that and was no longer able to login in graphical mode (no problem with the terminal) via either sddm or lightdm on Xfce4.

I took me a while to figure out why, but the xsession errors gave me the key.


Did you try the first suggestion to disable PC Speaker in console ?

2.3 Console

You can add this command in /etc/profile or a dedicated file like /etc/profile.d/

setterm -blength 0

Most Manjaro users would not need to disable beep in console if it has already been disabled globally


ArchWiki suggestion to remove and blacklist snd_pcsp kernel module is not needed as snd_pcsp is not included in Manajro ISOs

Suggestion to mute mixer control for PC Speaker in ALSA is not relevant for most onboard audio devices (except for some Cirrus Logic and Sigmatel audio devices)
I do not recall any previous forum posts where suggestions for Gnome, KDE or Cinnamon DEs were needed in addition to (or instead of) disabling pcspkr globally

ArchWiki has a lot of information for many use-cases that are not relevant or useful for Manjaro users