Better x11-ssh-askpass alternative XFCE or GTK dialog?

Hi, I’m using Manjaro XFCE and I have a sshfs mounted on fstab, all ok, can be mounted from thunar when click on it, but the dialog is horrible.

I try to install other packages :

  • gnome-ssh-askpass2 (gtk2)

  • gnome-ssh-askpass3 (gtk3)

  • ssh-askpass-fullscreen (gtk2)

    But with no luck, the dialog asking the pass not appear. So I had to re-install original X11-ssh-askpass

How can change ask password dialog to more pretty ?

why not just skip it asking password.

Thanks, kerry.
Yes, it is a possibility, but got it total access to production server… :crazy_face: and if stolen notebook, sometimes I used at public sites and not encripted partition used.

I’m using SSH agent integrated into GPG agent, it’s only about adding one line into $HOME/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
And then you can choose pinentry script by your preferences.

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