Better UI for Disk Encryption Password?

I installed Manjaro Minimal Xfce and love it. However there is one thing that annoys me. When I enter my encryption password it doesnt echo stars to let me know I am event typing or anything. I have used the same encryption type in Kali and POPOS and they always had a good UI/UX. Is there some package I can install to improve this?

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It would help others to help you better to be specific about what part you want those stars to appear in…

Just some splash screen or something. Kali has its logo wiht aa password dialog box below. Just something usable.

Eg. At boot / installer / etc…

I think you mean the plymouth screen:

At boot time

I think that is related to the boot-loader you use, i have seen something similar to what you describe when i tried openSUSE.

I found this page which might be related, but i personally have no idea in what part of the initrd Manjaro does the password input processing for the encryption password.
This part grabbed my attention on that page:

Echo= specifies whether the input should be obscured. If this field is missing or is Echo=0 , the input should not be shown.

Full disk encryption, in practice, does very little for protecting you compared with home encryption alone.

The theoretical advantage of having the hole drive encrypted is that nobody can tamper its content.

But in practice the boot-loader is always unnencrypted. So one can just tamper that to sniff passwords, or directly tamper the firmware by connecting a special device to the motherboard.

Opening a computer and tampering in that way takes less than 5 minutes. I would say that using systemd-homed, along with a security sticker on the case is more practical.

Actually I tried that and although its cool, its not what I was looking for. I wanted it for entering drive encryyption key.

This is also for the boot screen, like Ubuntu for example. has long been used for encryption.
It just has to be configured carefully.
As seen here right?

This is not a discussion about “Is encrypting x way good”, please read the OP to understand the OP’s intentions.

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In short the OP wants to see stars appear after every keystroke while entering the password to decrypt, see this part of his OP:

When that part is working the OP might continue to ask for a nice background etc, but that is not the issues at moment AFAIK.

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Exactly correct, thank you. I just need a better UX here like I get with Kali, PopOS, Ubuntu and so on.

So I am guessing no ideas?

I have no other ideas besides what i wrote in reply #7 above at moment.