Better default avatars

May I humbly suggest we use for the default avatars instead of the boring first-letter-as-a-capital? The first-letter-as-a-capital avatars don’t even have a rainbow after all.


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IMHO the current ones are easier to quickly identify a poster in a thread who hasn’t set a custom avatar than those would be; I’d probably struggle to see them!

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You can create and upload your custom Avatar from your drive, Just choose a picture off your drive and walaa.

He wants to change the default avatar, not his own. He would like that all avatars that user didn’t customize were not the default capital letter but a randomized unicorn one from the service he linked.

Exactly! It’s an awesome service isn’t it?

This being about unicorns and rainbows, I wasn’t entirely serious. But it would be something unique for the Manjaroos herd :wink:

I think default avatars should be boring to encourage users to add a personal avatar

There a few Linux packages I can think of that have boring defaults too
so the forum is consistent with what users will find in packages
(batteries not included, some assembly may be required)


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