Betaflight configurator failed to open serial port [solved]

I am trying to set up Betaflight Configurator which I have installed from AUR but when connecting flight controller via usb I get error ‘failed to open serial port’.
I had an older version installed via flatpack working but needed to update to latest which was not available flatpack.
The betaflight page gives instructions for linux os to add user to group to and give permission for the port but only for debian based.
I was able to do this a year or two ago searching online but cannot find the solution this time.
The port available in the app is /dev/rfcomm0.
I know manjaro does not have ‘plugdev’ group but not sure what group I need for user or how to do.
Any help pointing the direction I should go is appreciated.

Edit: So I tried a different fc and it connected, seems I just had a short somewhere, the betaflight configurator from AUR worked as expected.