Beta 16 MMS on Verizon

I have a Pinephone running Manjaro ARM Beta 16, and I saw that MMS support had been added. I tried it out with Verizon, and I wasn’t able to get it working, so I was curious if anyone with Verizon as their carrier has gotten it to work. I’m not sure if it’s a thing where Verizon is just kind of weird and doesn’t work (I’ve heard that from people who have used MMS scripts if I remember correctly) or if the MMS support is still new enough that it’s still buggy, but I figured I’d check in case anyone has gotten it working

Last I knew, a SIM activated on an Android phone then put into the PP could do some stuff, but I know when the programmer for mmsd-tng was working on this stuff, there was an attempt to get MMS with Verizon working but it failed due to something special they were doing in the network, like ATT.