Best way to access to manjaro gnome edition desktop from our network

I use Gnome edition of Manjaro.
I need something like remote desktop for Manjaro.
I want I can access to my desktop from our network and can use Manjaro when I am at home.
We have L2TP VPN and can connect to our office from home.
I want can access to desktop from home.

Install gnome-remote-desktop, go to Settings → Sharing and enable “Remote Desktop”. It supports VNC and RDP.

I install gnome remote desktop, but when on another ubuntu system I choose reminna and choos rdp and enter username and password I see Black screen

If you run an ssh service on your desktop - you can create an ssh tunnel within your VPN connection - adding a port map and access the vnc service.

The easiest setup - IMO - is to use tigervnc.

try vnc. If it is also black, the problem is probably in remminna