Best way for live mapping a NAS shared folder


Under Ubuntu, I already checked how to map a NAS shared folder and it was working randomly well. I wrote randomly because once it was mapping shared folder, once it wasn’t and I had to find another way to do it so I used automaster, which by the way has also its own limits.

I would like to know what is the best way under Manjaro to map NAS shared folder, knowing that NAS is not ONLINE all the time but few hours per day ?

automaster was interesting in the way that if NAS was offline, the shared folders were not available in dolphin (I used shared folders a lot in dolphin) and freefilesync.

However, the automaster has an issue under dolphin. If you were in a subfolder of a mapped directory (from NAS) and suddenly the NAS is offline, then DOLPHIN was freezing, and you had to kill dolphin app, to be able to browse the rest of your drives in dolphin.

I’m looking after a way to avoid this “freezing step / killing dolphin app”. I would like to be able to browse other drives / partition of my computer, even if the NAS is offline.

How can I do that ?

What you want to do can be done in numerous ways albeit not to the degree you likely are looking for.

You can use systemd units - which can be made to mount when accessing the mountpoint - and it will only mount if the server is available - if the server is not available the mountpoint is empty.

One important thing about mount units - when you go down the automount path - do not enable the mount unit as this will conflict with the automount and neither will work.

The concept of systemd units is described in this topic

Sample mount units can be found in this topic

Another option is to use GVFS to mount on the fly and you can find an utility script in this topic


Hi @alain.roger,

I believe you’ll find this very handy:


Hope it helps!

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