Best Undervolting Tool for a Newbie?

Hello Everyone,

As the subject states I just picked up a refurb X1 Carbon 6th gen (2019) and wanted to do some undervolting to try and increase battery life and reduce some of the heat. I already cracked open the laptop and replaced the thermal paste, so I think this is the next step. I also dual-boot with Windows so not sure if making changes will persist to the Windows side, or if I need to use a separate tool with Windows for undervolting also?

If anyone can offer any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

as i already explained in your other thread, there i gave you two very good basic sources to search for. your specific question here is an example. you can find answers there:

Thanks @Olli, I know you are ‘focused’ on my posts right now. I’ll do some searching but I am just looking for any additional feedback as well from other people who have walked in my shoes regarding undervolting and dual-booting.

I’ll do some googling and read the wiki, thank you for providing the information and resources. I appreciate your patience and grace as I learn.