Best tool to read MS Word documents?

I’m looking for a lightweight software that will allow me to read .doc files created by MS Word. I already know the most common solutions, but I am not happy to install 100Mb+ stuff just to read one .doc so I was wondering if any real lightweight solution is available.

Any advice is welcome!

Office online, it’s just a web app so no size big.


looking for a local software, but thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

This is the best solution I have found after using Linux for years.

thanks for the input, I had my eyes on that (still, I think that 180Mb of stuff to read docs is kinda stretched… but if there truly isn’t anything better, well…)

Hello @LDC :wink:

Ok you need:

  1. lightweight
  2. only read

Solution: docx2txt

  1. only 23KB
  2. It only reads

Install it and pipe your document to it like this:

curl -s -o - "" | docx2txt | less


cat document.docx | docx2txt | less

or use an editor:

cat document.docx | docx2txt | $EDITOR -

There is catdoc utility but it works only with old MSWord files (.doc, not .docx). And it shows just text.

EDIT. Some helpful tools are listed here:

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