Best System Monitor

I just got a second monitor and therefore I have now the space to monitor my system informations.
After some searching I found many tools but I don’t know what they can and don’t want to try like 30 tools.
It should show CPU and GPU usage and temperature, the RAM usage and (if possible) the FPS on both Monitors.
So if you know a tool/program please let me know.

Hi @Florian01,

As you just mentioned, there are many, many options. One of the most ell-known is conky, I think. It’s got a lot of options and is extremely powerful.

However, I’ve stopped using it as it was sort of overkill for me. Instead of installing something special for statistics on my desktop, I’ve switched over to using KDE’s monitoring widgets. And they’re working well, I’d recommend them if you’re using KDE, otherwise, have a look at Conky and Conky’s themes.


Thanks for your answer.
I tried Conky for a while now but I think I will stick with mango hud since I wasn’t really comfortable with it. I also tried BpyTOP which looks very nice but doesn’t show the GPU stats yet which are the most important for me.

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