Best pdf reader for book-marking etc

Hiya I probably show my inexperience with Manjaro Mate now but I need some recommendations for a pdf reader where I can store bookmarks in relation to single words and phrases. I tried “Bookworm” but the last attempt ended with the terminal showing me something about a core dump. I also tried xpdf but this doesn’t seem to be feature rich enough to be able to do this. Any tips? Any help would be much appreciated

Best is a matter of opinion and YMMV (your mileage may vary). masterpdfeditor is not open source, but is available via the AUR. masterpdf editor version 4 is the “Free” version and is not crippled as it will not add a watermark when creating a pdf. masterpdfeditor 5 is the current version and it is very slightly crippled without a pretty costly registration. It is also available via the AUR, pamac GUI . This software is comparable to PDF -Xchange-Viewer (Pro) on windows. To create a bookmark, open Bookmarks panel, right click on word or phrase, choose add bookmark and Save the document.

pamac build masterpdfeditor         (version 5, updated regularly)  OR

pamac build masterpdfeditor-free  (free version-no watermark, no updates)

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Wow. I did not know about this. I can now edit a 238 page pdf on the whole Dorsey clan, Edward Dorsey senior and Junior being an ancestor from Annapolis, MD. It was a prominent family in the 1700s. Thank you so much!!

It’s great that you’re exploring different PDF reader options for Manjaro Mate! If you’re looking for a PDF reader that allows you to store bookmarks in relation to single words and phrases, you might want to consider trying out “Okular.”

Okular is a versatile PDF reader that offers a wide range of features, including the ability to add bookmarks and annotations to specific sections of a document. You can add highlights, comments, and bookmarks to specific words or phrases within the document.

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