Best Operating System I Have Ever Used In The Past 30 Years!


Been running Manjaro KDE for over 6 months.
It’s the best Operating System I have ever used in the past 30 years!

Manjaro is ranked # 2 most popular on DistroWatch, let’s make it to # 1…

Thank you!


Was number 1 at some point.
But distrowatch is not really an acknowledged measure of popularity. :wink:


The ranking explained

Distrowatch gives me that uersfriendly nostalgia feeling of stacks of floppy disks, old coffee smell & dail up

I’d find it very strange if there are more mxlinux users than Ubuntu. That being said Manjaro is now definitely one of the big hitters especially on pcs, not many people will use a rolling release for servers

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To be a little bit clearer :slight_smile:

Manjaro is a distribution.

KDE is a desktop.

Linux is an operatings system.


Actually no, Linux is the kernel, and a distribution (collection of packages with package management) based on that kernel is an Operating System, so Manjaro is an OS.


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