Best lightweight browser for Manjaro that is secure, private, and performant

I’m using i3 community edition, and I see that it comes with Palemoon.

I installed Firefox, but it is a memory hog and leaks memory after you open up 2-3 windows with 5-6 tabs per window (that’s not even that many).

Any recommendations on a lightweight and privacy-respecting browser? Chrome is out because Google; Firefox is ok but eats memory and [redacted statement] so that’s out…

How do Brave or Palemoon or Qutebrowser or …your recommended browsers… compare for handling most sites and also memory-savvy and respects privacy?


Huh ? How ?

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It’s owned by the Mozilla foundation.

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Ah, I stand corrected then. Thanks.

In any case, does anyone know of any lighter weight browsers which will do just as good 80% of the time for a better memory footprint ?

Pretty much all ‘regular’ modern browser will be taking Gig(s) of RAM … especially once you start adding multiple tabs… whether thats chrome or ff, or whatever … welcome to the modern web.
Aside from that there are your minimalist ones … you have mentioned a few.

Falkon is another option that comes to mind - but its not the lightest.
On the other hand you mention Brave - which is neither light nor privacy-respecting.

At some point you will have to test things out and decide what features and criteria are important to you.
elinks would be lighter than all of these … but you probably want images and styling and things :wink:

There are thousands of blogs and tech magazines and all that will give you the kinds of lists and opinions you are looking for.

I dont think here is exactly the place for that.


Thank you. Even small tidbits from some people more in the know, is helpful — such as Brave not being as good on privacy as I had suspected.

Thanks again.