Best free way to sync google drive

What is the best way to sync Google Drive?
I mean actually sync and not just access through the file manager.

Hi @Gandalfos,

In my opinion it’s rclone. I use it myself. It has support for many more providers. I love it and think it’s the bees knees.


Is there a way to set up constant syncing?
Or do I need to manually run the sync command every time?

This article was just posted today:

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I suspect there is a way, I just don’t use it. I refer doing things manually. If necessary, I know I can always setup a cronjob, or even inotify to run the command when necssary.

See here for more information:

In the first reply there it is noted:

Rclone isn’t a sync tool, but offers a sync command.

You can use a cronjob and run it every 5 minutes or something like that and run a rclone sync to your remotes.

So, it would seem that my initial thought about this was correct.

Keep in mind that nowerdays with systemd cron jobs are replaced by a combination of service units and timer units :wink:
I like the inotify approach a lot :+1:
(just need to set it up to run for the user when the user has logged-in…)

Nice read is the section “Path Units under systemd” in: Linux Filesystem Events with inotify | Linux Journal

Interesting. Didn’t know that and I’ll keep it in mind, thank you!

I suspect the best way would be @dlynfox’s way that he eventually did in this thread:

However, I might be wrong. I never sold myself as some kind of expert. :wink:

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@Mirdarthos Interesting and nice, except for the fact that he uses a system-wide service instead of a per-user one see my comment there :wink:

Yes, I know.

That’s why I said expect. And that I might be wrong.

If nothing else, it can gibe pointers and be of use, even if it isn’t the exact right thing.

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I’ve heard a lot about inSync, what do you think about it compared to rClone?

Never heard of it, so can’t give an opinion. But that doesn’t really matter because I absolutely love rClone and am not planning to stop loving and/or using it anytime soon.