Best Email Client For Hotmail (Outlook)?

Hey Everyone,

I was curious if there was a good Hotmail email client for Manjaro? I’m talking about as good as Outlook in terms of keeping my “web inbox” in sync with my local email client’s inbox, importing contacts, etc?

Is there anything as good that is easy to configure for Hotmail in Linux?


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Evolution Mail and Calendar - Evolution Mail and Calendar

You must enable POP/IMAP access for Hotmail web email account.

This is also valid for other free Email accounts, like web or gmx.

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I use the web based view of Hotmail using which to me is better than the client software available with Linux. I do the same on my Windows 10/11 PCs. I think Microsoft’s web version of email is better than Gmail and many others.

The advantage of to me is the emails you decide to keep stay on their server and don’t use up your SSD storage.

I finally reached a state of email nirvana a few years ago by achieving zero inbox and I think to some small degree was the fact I used their web client. Folder creation/management is fast and easy with and they do good with filtering spam/junk mail although Gmail is superior in that regard.

For a while i even used the web version on my iPhone but went back to the iOS client because it was better handling attachments.

Evolution is the only other Linux client that looks close to the MS Outlook client but i have never been able to sync the calendar. Since I don’t care for the client side much I gave up and stick to using the web based email.

You can download “WebApp” with Manjaro which was made by Linux Mint which they copied from Peppermint. This app allows you to create sudo applications based on your browser so they look more like a native app. I recently created a webapp of my email and pinned it to my panel bar. Now I just click on the icon and I get my email faster than opening a client. I like this solution.

Hope you find something that works for you.


You need a backup of .thunderbird (which is stored in your home folder).

Really like thunderbird great ui but need a paid plugin to use it with work exchange account.
Recently switched to bluemail on phone and manjaro and highly recommend it. Everything ive thrown at it just worked and so easy to sync between devices if you have multiple accounts. Ui reminds me off Gmail

I rotate between Thunderbird, Evolution, and Vivaldi’s built-in email client. I haven’t had any issues with any of those three programs.