Best clean font for desktop and terminal

In my terminal settings I changed my font to source code pro but when I use the same font for the whole system it doesn’t look good. And I’m not sure but I feel that it looks different on desktop and terminal.
I tried some fonts but the spacing usually is to narrow or to wide. Even if I try only regular fonts.

Only font that looks pretty ok is Sans Regular but I would like to find something crispier.

AA on
Hinting - slight
subpixel - RGB
dpi - 96

I’m not running XFCE here ─ I’m a Plasma guy ─ but I use Noto Sans for desktop applications and Noto Mono in the terminal.

Your mileage may vary. :wink:

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KDE is a different beast.
Settings did’t matter. I could swear that the desktop fonts were blurry.

Not here they aren’t. :man_shrugging:

I’m on Cantarell Regular and quite happy with it.


De gustibus et de coloribus non disputandum.


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Give inconsolata a shot…

True. But in this case I didn’t want to know what font is the prettiest.

I started to check fonts and some of them look like this M a n j a r o
and some quite opposite. Almost no spacing.

And after quite a lot of checking I can say that there is something wrong with my fonts or settings.
For example when I change font to icomoon bold italic nothing is going on. Font is thin.

In firefox for example I changed settings to minimum font size 12 and after restart I did some tests and for sure fonts are smaller than 12.
I changed all sizes of firefox fonts and they are still the same.

AvantGarde LT Medium Regular is a nice smooth fon.
I’ve used it on Endeavour, Debian and here as well.

Hack and Mononoki for Terminal

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Use a regular font for desktop / apps and a monospace font for the terminal. Some fonts provide both, some don’t.

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Fonts should looks crisp always so maybe there is something else going on

Everyone is going to have their own opinions for fonts.

For me, my favorite is Noto Mono for everything.

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Is the letter s p a c i n g /kerning bad in both the desktop and terminal?

Is it bad for every font?

It was bad for terminal but I checked so many fonts that I’m not sure but I’m not sure if it was single case or not.

Currently for system I have Sans Regular, for terminal it’s Monospace, and font settings are AA + Slight hinting and subpixel layout set to none.

Thank you all for help. It could just be my perfection paranoia and not the problem with the system.

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It could be worth posting a screenshot to check whether it is displaying as it should.

There are many options, this is the one I use in XFCE.

The PT Sans Regular font.

What do you think?


Which package include Monospace Regular font?

I couldn’t have said it better:

“Monospace” is an alias for another font. To see what font will be used when an application calls for the “Monospace” font, try

$ fc-match monospace

Source: [solved] "monospace" font displayed as some other font / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums