Beginner : What's the purpose/use case of Manjaro?

Hi !

I’ve recently been introduced to the term “distributions” by a friend of mine, and as i dig deeper, i stumbled uppon Manjaro.

I just wanted to know what is it, what is it used for and who use this (and why) ?

What’s different from using Windows 10 for example ?

I’m just being curious (i went on to create an account just for asking this question !)

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What’s the purpose/use case of Manjaro?

The same use case as any desktop operating system: Gaming, computing, web browsing, photo editing, music editing, documents, coding, watching youtube, reading the news, using reddit, etc

Everyone has their own personal reasons on why they want to use Windows or Linux. And then people have their own reasons of why they want to use a specific distro over another distro.

Look up in your search engine, “Linux vs Windows” or go to /r/linux4noobs or /r/linuxquestions

This question has been answered far too many times already. There is a plethora of articles about it.


Read about it on our website. Click Learn More:


Distrowatch is a helpful resource. They have a weekly review column and you can search on various distro criteria. The site would be a nice way to get introduced to some terminology & features.


Well certainly it’s more secure, and you don’t have licensing issues to get your computer up and running.
It’s also more open to experimentation and modification.
Next up you must take into account software available and things you need to do.

Using a KDE desktop here, I can say that the way my system works - using mouse/keyboard shortcuts - and the way my workflow/environment fits me is just about the opposite of what Windows offers.

Certainly I can happily browse and download media to watch in my Plex server (serving all the TV’s and portable devices around the house) without any fears that malware is going to pop up it’s ugly head.

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Welcome to the Manjaro Forum :sunglasses:

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first of all welcome to the forums,
now lets begin with your queries

  1. manjaro is a linux distro that’s focused on general public and can be use for anything from school work to gaming to general use to video editing and to pretty much everything people do in windows
    the reason for this is manjaro is secure,opensource,less resource hungry,frequently updated yet stable and has a very good hardware support and also is very easy to use even for the first time linux users. this is what makes it one of the best linux distro out there :smile: of difference first of all all linux distros(manjaro included) are generally more secure than windows, they are very good when it comes to customization. unlike windows were the only customization you get it changing your background and taskbar. Manjaro provides you will the ability to tweak nearly everything in your computer, what this means is that you can make your pc look the way you want. unlike windows which supports closed source software which might steal your data , manjaro supports open source apps which ensure that user controls the program, not the other way around. also manjaro uses very less computer resources compared to windows and is very ideal even for older hardware

and ya if you don’t know what distro means think it somethink like this, in a school a teacher teaches you a lesson(linux) and asks you to write a project(linux based OS), now each student will make its own project(distro) on the same topic(linux)

so in this analogy the individual projects that are based on same topic yet have considerable differences are your distros and the lesson was linux

i hope it would help you :slight_smile:


Was it this graph? haha

Also, you should quote the comments and throw them all in one comment, instead of submitting multiple comments. You can quote a comment by highlighting the comment and clicking “Quote”

Thanx a lot ! :slight_smile: I just knew Ubuntu, and also linux, one member of my family used ubuntu when i was a kid but i never went “deep” on understanding the benefits of linux over windows and stuff.

My friend showed me a graph trying to explain to me what a distribution is and evey distributions based on debian, red hat and slackware i think but as I found is very interesting, it confused me just a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

I think i’l make a space on my disk and try manjaro

Ps : I did the quote thing and i have to amdit it’s really more easy to follow the feed ahah, i was a bit confused i have to admit !

Yes it was this one and i was really impressed as i just thought there was only Windows / Linux (i thought Linux and ubuntu was the same) / MacOS, so it really peaked my interest ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx !

I went a bit on the learn more, then tried to find an article but i forfeited because i’m a little “informatic” dumb so i couldn’t process everything :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll deifnitely give it a try KDE answers just motivated me to test it out !

Nice thanx a lot !

A friend showed me a graph from this website with an arborescence of every distribution that was created with debian, redhat and slackware i think and he tried to explain me all of this but i was getting confused, but it really tickled my interest !

I’ll check the website in a more in-depth way one day but i think i’m going to start by trying manjaro, i’m really curious about it now !

Thanx for your answer :slight_smile:

I also have heard that ubuntu (few years ago) was safest compared to windows, but at that time, my browser shwoed me just a little bit how it worked, and the last memory i had was to have to go on Wine to have Counter Strike running :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s really interesting that you talked about Plex, i didn’t knew a solution like that was available and it seems nice ! It gives me idea for my future house about some configurations to set between my devices ! (i’ll need to check their website to understand more about what it is and how it work)

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Super helpful thanks a lot !!

The example is really good ahah nice !

You definitely convinced me to try to give a go to manjaro, i’ll create a little partition in my disk to instal it because i’m very curious now.

At first i thought manjaro was really something like for cybersecurity people or you know the typical stereotype of the ultra tech person that is super strong with his computer and know how to do everything so I was just curious but a bit impressed !

So thanks to have provided me such a simple image and allowing me to take the plunge, that’s nice ! :slight_smile:

Excellent, but you may need more than one partition though. Read installation guides here: Installation Guides - Manjaro
The user manual also runs through the installation process: Manjaro - User Guide

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