Bauh usecases ! PWA (since Firefox dropped SSB), AppImage and a lot of other

Hi !
I’m using Bauh for a long time.
I’ve seen challenges : there should not be as there is no match (some overlap sometimes).

Btw, I use Bauh on my Manjaros & on my Debians :wink:

First use : PWA !
Firefox dropped SSB support from FF85 on, Chromium is installing strange stuff with the PWA, the only almost clean one left is Epiphany.

But, much better is bauh !

pip3 install bauh
sudo pacman -S timeshift axel libappindicator-gtk2 libappindicator-gtk3 wget sqlite fuse2 fuse3 python-lxml python-beautifulsoup4

[Note] as @Yochanan says next, you can also install it from the comunity repos

sudo pacman -S bauh


For PWA, for instance install:
https:/ (tool for presentations)
https:/wavemaker.card (tool for book writing)
You can find the apps by searching for “bauh” in your apps menu.

With bauh, you can also install stuff from

You can also manage your regular packages, flatpak, snap (eerk !)
(it’s slower than pamac for those)

Never use sudo with pip.

Bauh is in the community repo, install it via Add/Remove Software or with:

pamac install bauh


sudo pacman -S bauh

Hi !
Why no sudo with pip3 ? (in fact this is what I found on bauh’s github)

I use pip3 as community version is outdated and… as it allows me a single procedure for my Debians & my Manjaros ^^

You will run into conflicting files down the road installing / updating packages. Use a virtual environment instead.

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Will it be ok if I don’t sudo ?

[Edit] removed sudo with pip3 from first post :wink: