BattleNet Launcher not workling with basemosaic 3 monitor setup

Hello community. Actually I am using the latest manjaro. I am using an 2 GPU (2x1080 Ti) and 3 Monitor (1x 4k, 2x FHD) setup.

I play WoW via Lutris and in the default setup there are nearly any issues with the game. I have recently figured out that the performance of the two GPUs is used more equaly and more stable by using the “basemosaic” mode for any other application. With the “basemosaic” “True” option in the nvidia.conf and xorg.conf I can plug in the 2 FHD monitora to the second GPU so the load is more balanced (checked it several times with nvtop).

The one and only problem is that when I run this setup, the battlenet launcher freezes after launching it via lutris and stays completly black. Any interaction with this window makes the system lag about 5 sec. I tried nearly everything. From reinstalling lutris, wine and the gamedata. Only deleting the basemosaic from the both .conf files makes it normal again.

Is there any workaround to this? Or is this behaviour known? Any suggestions?

I will analyze the diffs between the two logs when it start with and without “basemosaic”.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Actually i can not add any log files here, because it tells me that i can not include links.