Battery Report - Possible To Generate?

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Is there a way in Manjaro to generate a battery report? I know you can get battery details through the acpi and upower packages. But I’m looking for a full break-down of everything if possible. I hate to link to a Windows article, but in Windows 10 you can generate battery reports fairly easily:

Battery Report:

Is there a way to do something similar in Linux?

Thanks in advance to everyone for your time and feedback, it is greatly appreciated!

Since you are on KDE, you can go to Info Center > Energy. It does what windozs does but better. You can see both charge percentage and energy consumption for over 7 days.

Sorry for not being clear. I am not on KDE, I’m running Gnome.

Your profile said KDE :man_shrugging: Nevertheless, can you try installing gnome-power-manager. It does shows some battery statistics and stuff. You might want to wait sometime so that it can log some history.


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Most laptop batteries are registeredd as BAT0 - some has two batteries BAT0 and BAT1

To list known devices

upower -d

To get info on specific device

upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0

If you want a file pipe into text file and open with gedit (topic gnome tag)

upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0 > ~/battery.txt | gedit ~/battery.txt

Thanks for sharing this @linux-aarhus, this is awesome! Appreciate the help!


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