Battery remaining time is not shown in KDE Plasma 5.20

I haven’t been using KDE Plasma for a long time, but I decided to give it another try. I’m pretty sure that previously the battery applet was able to show the remaining time, but now I cannot seem to find a setting to show the remaining time… is it a functionality that has been intentionally removed?
thanks in advance

i have noticed the same.

it seems the developers have removed the battery icon from the system tray and made it a separate widget.

you can add this widget to your task bar like this:

  • right click on your desktop --> “Enter Edit Mode”
  • on your task bar click the “Configure” button (typically on the lower right side). then, click the topmost button “Add Widget”.
  • search for “Battery and Brightness”, double click the result and move the widget to the place on your task bar you prefer.
  • close the edit menu (it is in the middle of the top edge of your primary screen)

Hi, thanks for the answer, but maybe I didn’t make myself clear: the “Battery and Brightness” widget is there, but there’s no configuration that allows me to show the remaining time (but only to show the percentage)… do you have such a configuration?

Hover your mouse over the battery widget:

sorry, i did indeed misunderstand you.

I did but I see no remaining time… am I missing some important package?
I forgot to mention that I haven’t installed Manjaro KDE: I have installed Manjaro Gnome and then installed KDE packages on top of that

AFAIK the widge reads upower output, so make sure you have upower installed.

Now I’ve also installed upower, but I still get no remaining time…

So what you get when you hover it?

I probably spoke too fast: remaining time now appears on hover. Probably it wasn’t appearing because I started with AC plugged and then unplugged it. If I start the laptop on battery, then I get the remaining time… unfortunately the remaining time is completely wrong and never changes… it looks like it’s a well known bug (408279 – Battery and brightness widget doesn't show correct time remaining estimate) and the workaround of not saving the session on logout seems to fix that… however, it’s impressive how buggy plasma is :frowning: