Battery draining quickly

Battery draining quickly on new

Batterylife is one of the weaknesses of the Pinephone.

For me, the battery lasts about one hour during active use. In standby mode, the battery lasts about 8 hours.

Believe me, it was much worse two years ago.

It is advisable to always take a power bank with you when you leave the house.

Also, some activities particularly drain the battery, e.g., scanning for WiFi networks.

Sometimes, I have also run into a bug where the earpiece would not silence completely, but produce some noise, draining the battery quickly. Put your ear next to the earpiece and check if you can hear any noise, and if yes, try playing with the audio settings (switching the output back and forth) until the noise goes away. Though that bug might have been fixed months ago, I have not run into it recently.

But yes, the battery life could be longer.

The battery life is a joke. The charging has gotten better since the beginning but the battery usage is still as bad.

Recently the phone was sitting next to me and was connected to the charger. Suddenly it reported a notification that the battery was low. The battery was completely drained by an idle phone that was charging. I didn’t really look into what was causing it since nobody cares about any bug reports anyway.