Batman Asylum in heroic games launcher

I just installed Manjaro and I wanted to play batman Asylum from Heroic Games Launcher, but it doesn’t start, it always keeps in wine, idk what to do! if you will help me thanks!

Detail all the settings of the game regarding Heroic Launcher.
These Batman games all work very under Proton-GE/WINE-GE.

You probably should delete the folder of the prefix (careful if you have game progress, backup the folder to another place so we can retrieve the save later on if needed), select a good version of WINE-GE (install it first obviously in WINE Manager section), and try again to launch so it generates a clean Proton prefix.

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I got the solution, I needed to use winetricks and download this:
directx9, d3dx10, d3dx10_43, d3dx9
with this now its playing normal!
Thx for the response

You’re doing it wrong. You sure don’t need to do that, use a PROPER WINE-GE version. Sounds like you try to play with plain WINE. Your game will run like garbage.

what if I use proton GE? I was using the last version and have at the start not issues with framerate or visuals. I will do like what you said

If you have steam installed on your system, you can also use the proton versions from the steam client.

If i remember right, i used the proton experimental for Batman Asylum when it was on epic for free…

WINE-GE should be the only thing you need.
It’s usually not recommended to use PROTON outside of Steam.

I tried and it didn’t work either, when i used winetricks to install this :directx9, d3dx10, d3dx10_43, d3dx9 it worked, now i would try with wine-GE

You need to wipe the whole prefix folder when you mess around like that so it generates a proper prefix folder from the WINE-GE version.

I already did that, now i get this error:

Failed to compile global shader FGFxPixelShader<GFx_PS_CxformMultiply2Texture>
QA_APPROVED_BUILD_OCTOBER_2008 198408 23-01-2010 21:41:02 FMOD: 42200/42200 Game
and some addresses
when i got this error and check in internet i found it was directX, when i used wine-GE-Proton8-26, Proton-GE-9-9 and steam proton

That’s weird. Anyway if you find that it works good the way you did it then enjoy, but it seems weird to me, I played all the Batman games and didn’t need to install extras.

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it’s alright, thx for your time!

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