Batch resizer in Dolphin [solved]

Is there a batch resizer that can be used in Dolphin file manager?

I’ve used one in Gnome before and it worked well. I figure KDE can do as well.

… I see there is one called Kim. I tried $ pacman -S kim I get: Target not found.

How can you install Kim? or something similar.

There is a kim4 package in the AUR, but I suspect that this is a Plasma 4 application, and I don’t know how well it works with Plasma 5. You can install it with… :arrow_down:

pamac build kim4

However, krename should already be installed by default and available from the application launcher menu on your system.

What admittedly not what you asked, regardless, you can simply perfect an imagemagick convert shell command and then run it in a bash for loop on all images. This is what I do when doing large swaths of resizes, color mods, cropping, etc, when I used to prepare images for websites back in the day. It’s an option if you don’t get satisfaction with your desired approach.

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Thanks, but that doesn’t resize.

My apologies, I had read “rename” instead of “resize”. But you can try kim4 from the AUR.

OK, what would the command be?
Would it work in KDE 5.20.4?

As I wrote in my previous post… :arrow_down:

… will fetch, build and install the package on your system.

Thank you

Just install kde-service-menu-reimage from AUR and enable it in Dolphin’s settings.

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Installed kde-service-menu-reimage. That’s what I was looking for. Thanks.

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