Bastyon desktop app for manjaro

Is there a way to install the Bastyon desktop app on manjaro.
the only one available for Linux is: BastyonSetup.deb

Maybe a link to the project or resources?

A few quick Internet searches revealed absolutely nothing useful.

You might consider setting up a Debian Virtual Machine.

The Full Node Setup Guide suggests that Debian (or Ubuntu, and Mint) are among those distributions officially supported. Docker containers are also supported; which would require some familiarity.

Beyond that, I have nothing to suggest.


All you need to do is download the Bastyon.AppImage from the Github repository:

Open it like you would any other file. I just did that on my Plasma desktop:

When I clicked on the appimage:

The opened appimage:

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scotty65, Thanks for the info, it worked and now I have the desktop app working.
Can you share the appimage for Brighteon as well. I am not sure on how to get them from Github

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A simple Internet search using the keywords brighteon github revealed:

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Thank you, it worked.

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