Base-devel doesn't have everything Arch base-devel has

Ran into weird issue, where AUR package wasn’t able to install properly, because it lacked autoconf whatever that is. Apparently it’s present in Arch base-devel which was necessary for it to install properly.
Could you kindly add it to Manjaro base-devel? (after installing it manually the AUR package installed nicely, just the AUR package maintainer refuses to add autoconf to dependencies because it kind of is for Arch)

It already is.

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You obviously did not actually have the base-devel group installed. If you did, there would be no reason to manually install a package that was a member of that group.

You’ve been around long enough to know enough.

sudo pacman -Syu --needed base-devel

I had base-devel installed and it wasn’t there when I needed it. Now when I try to reinstall it (base-devel), it sure does say it will install autoconf also. No idea how it possibly got lost.

Check your pacman log. :wink:

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Once upon a time someone suggested to use: pacman -Qtdq | sudo pacman -Rns - to remove unnecessary dependencies. Apparently according to pacman.log for some reason this command deemed autoconf unnecessary :roll_eyes:

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autoconf gets removed with pacman -Qtdq | sudo pacman -Rns -. its part of a few various packages that get cleaned up with the orphan removal.

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