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I had installed the SIP client baresip from the software center. But then, I look on my application - and do not see it. There is one topic in this forum, where a config folder ~/.baresip is mentioned, but I also do not have this folder.
The software center shows me that baresip is installed.
What should I do to access baresip on my PC?

Not every application has a menu shortcut or GUI. Always check upstream documention:

Documentation on configuring baresip can be found in the Wiki.

GitHub - baresip/baresip: Baresip is a modular SIP User-Agent with audio and video support

You may have misread or misinterpreted the topic you referenced. There is a .config folder within your User folder; .baresip appears to be a file, if the suggested location was ~/.baresip. If it doesn’t exist, you may be expected to create it yourself. :man_shrugging:

These files and folders are hidden by default, as is any file/folder prefixed by a period . – they may be seen from your file manager by using the Ctrl+h key combination.

However, if you are suggesting that you don’t have a ~/ (/home/your-user-name) folder, then I suggest you have greater issues.

The first run of baresip from terminal creates the ~/.baresip directory with 5 files
edit config and uncomment this line
next time when you start it will inform you if SIP account is missing and
puts a
Screenshot from 2023-11-10 21-15-40
into panel.
Fill out the account and config details. I"m not savvy at baresip details.

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I deinstalled baresip from software center, then installed it manually with
pacman install baresip
Now I get a folder ~/.baresip including a config file. I uncommented. in that file, the line
After restarting my PC, I searched baresip in the application and found an entry.
Starting it gave me the entry in the panel, as shown by anoap.
Now I’m looking forward to get baresip configured.

I defined my Sipgate account in the router, it is a ZyxelSpeedlink 5501. The Zyxel shows this Sipgate account to be valid. Now I defined in ./baresip/accounts the following:


But, when calling with baresip. I get error 400
What can be wrong, how to find the error reason?

Sorry, it was a simle typo, a > was missing, The right entry in accounts is


It works now. Thanks for all comments.

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